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The Victorians saw the British Empire as a force for good - a moral and improving empire that was different from all other empires. Yet it was acquired and maintained by violence. Click here

Find out about the men and women who created and maintained the British Empire as well as those who fought to prevent it. Click here

What was the role of violence, the ‘Mission to Civilise’ and the importance of the Abolition of Slavery. Discover in this section essays on all the key features and turning points of empire. Click here

Read essays about the legacy of empire and whether the Rhodes statue should be taken down as well as essays on many other controversial topics. Click here

In this section you will find lists of territories of the British Empire as well as glossaries of people connected to  the British Empire. There are also reading lists which include general reading and fiction. Click here

Welcome to this website about the British Empire 1815-1914. At Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 1897 the Bishop of London said that the Imperial Empire had been conceived in Victoria's reign. It had and for the Victorians it had become an empire like no other - an empire not just about trade and money but about liberty and exporting western civilisation. From an empire of just two million square miles in 1837 when Victoria became Queen, it grew to an empire of over twelve million square miles at the time of Victoria's death.  

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