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My Professional Career

I am a retired History teacher who spent most of my teaching career as Head of History in a large comprehensive school in West Sussex where I taught all ages and periods of British and World History. In the last few years of my career I introduced topics on the British Empire to various year groups  and since retirement have developed further my interest in the British Empire.

Links to the former Empire

I now spend a good deal of my time reading and researching the British Empire and when possible  visit places associated with its history. In recent years I have visited Lucknow, Kolkata, Delhi and Cawnpore in India, Malta, and South Africa, and am currently planning a trip which will follow the route of Buller’s army in South Africa 1899-1900. Where applicable I illustrate my talks with material I have acquired on these trips.

Previous Talks

In the last few years, I have given talks on ‘Kipling’s Imperialism’, ‘Kipling and World War One’,  ‘Cecil Rhodes’ and ‘The Development of the British Empire during the reign  of Victoria’. I am currently working on talks on General Wolseley and James Hannington. I have also given  talks  on ‘The Boer War’, and ‘Heroines of the Boer War’.

Kipling’s 150th Annivarsary

I am a member of the Kipling Society and am happy to give talks on Kipling’s links with the Empire. Kipling was regarded  in the late c19th as Britain’s Imperial Poet and Imperial Prophet and there are several pieces on the website assessing his significance.

Peter Crowhurst - the author and editor of ‘British Empire 1815-1914’.

The talks I give

As stated above I give talks on a range of topics associated with the British Empire. In recent years I have spoken on ‘Kipling’, ‘The Boer War’, ‘Emily Hobhouse’ and the Cecil Rhodes’. I have prepared talks on all of the depth studies and I am happy to give a talk on any other aspect of the British Empire 1815-1914, given sufficient notice. I live in Brighton and can travel to any venue in Sussex and parts of Surrey.

My talks are delivered using powerpoint and I usually bring a selection of books to display for any interval. I have my own data projector so all  I need is a screen.

If you are interested in booking me for a talk for your group, please contact me using the contact details on the right.