The British Empire

Reference Section

On this page you will find links to the many page of reference information I have compiled. There are pages on the people associated with the making of empire, the territories of the British Empire and the numerous colonial wars waged to acquire and then keep the empire. You will also find suggestions for further reading and some suggested reading for Imperial fictional.

People of the Empire A-L

People of the Empire M - W

Places of the Empire A - I

Places of the Empire J - Z

Colonial Wars 1860 - 1881

Colonial Wars 1881 - 1902

A Timeline of the British Empire

Territories of the British Empire in order of acquisition

Further reading

Imperial fiction

Imperial fiction

A Timeline of the empire

Links to other websites

www.britishempire.co.uk This a very comprehensive website and has as its sole focus the British Empire from 1497 to 1997. It deals with the first Empire which was mainly located in the Americas and then following the loss of the American colonies, the development of the second empire, located mainly in the east.

atlasofbritempire.com This site is very strong on using maps and charts of statistics to show how the Empire grew. There is also a useful survey of the Medieval empire.

victorianweb.org This site has a good essay on the growth of the Empire with  links to cultural  influences like the growth of Evangelicanism.

Suggestions for further reading